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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

We have tried social services, but the ones in her town won't help pay for anything out of that town and the ones in Bern, where she wants to be, won't help, cause we are not registered there. I have a B permit. I didn't really have plans moving here, because I assumed that with an English Lit. degree I couldn't do much and wanted to get a cook job when I learned the language, but I also assumed learning it would take me less than 6 monthes. The employment office in town lists many restaurants, like you claimed, but they all have the requirement of Swiss deutcsh mutter sprechen, which is not me by a long shot. I did 4 weeks intensive in Zurich and can get by in present tense, but that is about it. Also my cooking experience is 3 and 1/2 years in a diner, so I don't think that will help much. I found an English bookstore in Bern and hope that if I keep my eyes peeled a postion will open and I can use my English Lit. and sales exp. to get it.
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