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Re: Parallel Imports.

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We bought a brand new parallel import several years back. It's got all the bells and whistles of a "Swiss" car, it just doesn't have a fancy plate on the back and it cost a fraction of the price. The local garage services it for us without problem and at a fair price.

There was still a 2-year warranty on defects and the like, but note it starts from when the car was registered by the importer. So we only got 18 months or something. Not really a big deal, few things go wrong in the first few years of ownership anyway.

When you buy the parallel import, the usual service package for 5 years doesn't exist. We ran the numbers before we bought. Service A is about 800 Fr. Service B is about 1,500. We only need one of each per year because we don't drive that much. After 10 years we will have spent 23K on service. Had we bought a new "Swiss" car, we'd have paid that 23K up front and then some as part of the purchase price, and only gotten 5 years of service.

Some folks say that parallel imports have lower resale values. I don't know, we've not sold yet and don't plan to. It's been a great car and was a bargain. It's not right for everyone, but for us it worked out well.
Possibly the most misunderstood point about car ownership here is having them serviced every year, itís a total con. The vast majority of cars work and are reliable. Change the oil, thatís what matters. Change brakes and break fluid when they are worn out not when the garage says Ďnew brakes needed Sirí and apart from that fix it when it goes wrong.

Honestly I also used to do the whole service thing. Now Iíve done one garage service over the last 3 years for one of my tow cars. I changed the brakes on them myself and it was a doddle and changed the oil on one. Both cars still running fine at 170k and 225k.

Believe me, I mean it in a humble way Iím a complete chimp at cars but with YouTube changing oil and simple things is so easy and you suddenly realize Swiss garage servicing is just a cartel fleecing you.
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