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Re: buying 2nd house in another canton or better...

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Hi all,

Have a relatively straightforward question i reckon.
We live in Vaud. Might be looking to buy a second home in Switzerland.

Is it much much simpler to buy in the same canton?
If we buy in a different canton do we need to send tax declaration forms
to 2 different cantons?

In other words, in case we find something we like in Valais and something
similar in Vaud, would it be a big plus to keep all in Vaud?

You'll register the purchase with the (new) commune and declare it to them as a second home, so will then be liable for a number of taxes and other local fees. Your annual tax declaration, while of course including details of all those taxes paid, will still, and only, be done in your 'home' town.

I can't see why it would make any difference if it's in the same canton or not.
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