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Buying UK house with Swiss pension: experiences?

Hi All,

Over the years there have been a few threads talking about using the Home Ownership promotion that is allowed with pillar 2 pensions on houses outside of Switzerland.

I am in the process of arranging this for a UK house. There were two people on here I could find who managed a while ago (cbb and Magrangs), but it is still very, very tricky as in addition to many forms of evidence, BVG (Chaeis) also wants a UK bank or UK notary to state:

"The undersigned company certifies that he remitted amount by ...BVG will be used within the statutory provisions of home ownership ... or will be refunded in the event of non-fulfillment."

Of course no UK bank or UK notary so far wants to certify this as they cannot want to claim to understand Swiss law.
So did anyone else buying a house in the EU/UK come up against this problem and how did you solve it?

I have found out that Liberty in Schwyz only needs a bank to declare the funds are going straight into a mortgage account, but changing pension funds would be a hassle and we do not have much time.

Many thanks for any practical tips!

PS. Note that most people do not now have to jump through these hoops in the UK, as Brexit has made 'compulsary component's' payouts possible but they would still need to in the EU, as many of us would be compulsory insured in the EU, by either working there or sometimes by being insured by just living there. Being insured through work also applies in this case unfortunately, as the person lives in the UK but works remotely in the EU and is insured there. (LOB has confirmed this prevents the easy payout route).

Links to posts about previous success:

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