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Re: Impact of not declaring property value abroad on tax and how to correct it?

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Are you a UK tax payer declaring the rental income in the UK? You should be to use your UK tax free allowance.
If this is the case, all the Swiss tax people are interested in is the value of the UK property
I don't understand what relevance declaring UK rental income in the UK makes. You seem to be claiming that it means you don't have to declare the rental income in Switzerland. Maybe that's a peculiarity in your canton but my understanding that all worldwide income including rental income even if it comes under direct taxation elsewhere needs to be declared. The amount of UK rental income adds to Swiss income to establish the tax rate but only the Swiss income is taxed at this rate. Uk rental income will *always* come under UK taxation and is *never* directly taxed in Switzerland, according to my understanding which I'm happy for someone to correct.

So to my understanding the OP would need to also declare the UK rental income and possibly repay back taxes.
However, if I were not required to make a Swiss tax declaration I (personally) would continue to overlook the UK situation.
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