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Re: Resident permit under renew, But need to URGENT travel

Sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences and support.

As Ace1 had already mentioned, you don't have to have an original of your Aufenthaltstitel to enter the country, although it will certainly make the border crossing longer. Didn't try it during the current lockdown, but once used this option before.

On the other hand, your home country border crossing authority and the airlines may deny you the travel, if you can't produce a valid visa or another document to enter Switzerland. In this situation, usual solution would be to travel to some country with loose border controls and no visa requirement for your national passport holders (depending on your nationality such country would be some touristic southern country like Morocco, UAE, Turkey etc.). And then go to Switzerland from there. Definitely not Turkey now, since there are , reportedly, am enormous COVID-19 outbreak, so chances of flights cancellations are huge.

I've been myself in a similar situation (not in regard of the Aufenthaltstitel, but in regard of the death of a close relative outside of EU) in the past December. It is very sad and extremely frustrating to be away and to get these news remotely, especially after a long time of forced separating from the family. The first, the second and the later reflexes were to take the first plane and to be with my remaining relatives, since it is what we usually do and feel to do in this situation, they need us, we all need to feel community and warmth of our close ones, when losing one of us. But the later reasonable decision was not just to cancel my trip, but to put all the possible effort to prevent any real life meetings and to prevent people from coming to funerals at that time. It was a hard role, but I had to take it on myself and be that sane and reasonable person to be blamed for being hard and even soulless (not seriously, it was just an emotional and perfectly anticipated response). We had our online mourning, we will have a proper ceremony and meeting as a family later, when it will be safe and won't incur any social risks.

Although sympathetic to the cause, I would absolutely advise you against going to any COVID-19 related funerals, since those won't be considered as an emergency and will put you and your family under otherwise avoidable health risks. Your missing Aufenthaltstitel may be an excuse for anyone, who won't relate to the actual reason, which is: the pandemic is still going on, this kind of travel, as much as it is difficult to admit, is not necessary as well as any public funerals. Do not go.

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