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Re: Bicycling rules

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They may come to a full stop, because they may see you approaching the intersection without slowing down, so they just do not want to harm you and that is why they give you way.

On the other hand, if you show a proper slowing down (meaning your dynamics is as such you will stop before the stop line, not just slow down to give the other driver 2 seconds to cross the intersection before you will be on it), or if you are going uphill and continue pedaling, then the other driver giving you way is his own deliberate action and just a nice gesture towards you, so it is perfectly fine to take advantage of it.
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A comment based on the OP's second point: if someone is kind enough to yield to you at a junction, then good for you, as for any other road user. As a cyclist, however, it's advisable to be extra sure before you cross the path of a motorist, e.g. by making definite eye contact with them. It would be easy to misread the situation at a moment's glance and end up getting hurt.
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Both illegal to the best of my knowledge, and unwise. Do you realise that if that „accident waiting to happen“ does happen and your disrespect of road rules is beyond doubt, insurances may reduce their payments and you may face penury in addition to injury?
I'm a little bit astonished at the misunderstanding of the 'priority from the right' rule on Swiss roads and how it applies to cyclists. A motorist giving way (yielding) to a cyclist on his right in an unmarked junction isn't a 'nice gesture' or 'being kind', it's the law.

Now, as I've already mentioned, it behoves a cyclist to show caution in this situation from a sheer brute fact of their vulnerability. But if cyclists don't assert priority at such junctions, then it's going to cause confusion with other road users. It's a simple rule: all road users need to give way to traffic from their right on unmarked junctions.

Here are the relevant sections from the Swiss traffic regulations (the first states that bicycles and motor vehicles are treated the same, and the second gives the priority rule) are :

Art 1.2. Die Verkehrsregeln (Art. 26–57a) gelten für die Führer von Motorfahrzeugen und die Radfahrer auf allen dem öffentlichen Verkehr dienenden Strassen; für die übrigen Strassenbenützer nur auf den für Motorfahrzeuge oder Fahrräder ganz oder beschränkt offenen Strassen.6

Art 36.2. Auf Strassenverzweigungen hat das von rechts kommende Fahrzeug den Vortritt. Fahrzeuge auf gekennzeichneten Hauptstrassen haben den Vortritt, auch wenn sie von links kommen. Vorbehalten bleibt die Regelung durch Signale oder durch die Polizei.
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