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Re: Bicycling rules

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This is incorrect and if you drive a car you should be aware that cyclists might come in the opposite direction. Especially in smaller communal streets cyclists are allowed to ride in either direction. It is legal if the street is marked with the following sign:
That isn't what the OP was talking about, though. When you ride a bike against traffic on a one-way street where it is allowed, you still ride on the right side of the street from your perspective. OP explicitly talks of not so much being in the "wrong" direction, but riding left, i.e. on the wrong side of the street! Not only into incoming car traffic but also bicycle traffic

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1. I sometimes bike in the "wrong" direction inside the yellow dashed boundary. As in, on the left side.
To the OP, as someone who had a major frontal collision with another cyclist because they were riding on the wrong side of the street when I turned a tight corner, please, please, don't do that. It doesn't matter that it looks safe or the street is "generally" low traffic. I only takes one time where the other cyclist doesn't see you for whatever reason (turning a corner, a cyclist overtaking another cyclist, etc) and you've created a very dangerous collision. Even if you don't cause an accident, you force others to do things they shouldn't have to do and cause frustration. Would you drive your car on the wrong side of the road because "that road isn't really busy and it's usually safe"? Of course not. Don't do it.

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2. I assume when on the road in an uncontrolled intersection where priority-to-the-right would apply, the same applies to you on the bicycle. In practice what has happened for me is cars will often just yield. And I instinctively maybe have some momentum going and maybe it's downhill a bit so I gladly accept their yield. Again doesn't feel like anything dangerous to me or which would endanger others, but would like to know the rule
Yes priority rules apply to you.

If you meant the car is on your left and they yield, yes, that's what they're supposed to do. As a cyclist it's obviously not a bad idea to make eye contact and make sure they've seen you and will follow the rule. But yes, in principle, you have priority and you should assert it.

If you meant the car is on your right, then no, you don't have priority. Cars often yield, but don't rely on it, and you should always plan to stop.

Cars yielding is a big pet peeve of mine actually. When they see you well in advance, stop completely, look to make eye contact and a yielding gesture way before you get to the intersection, then yeah sure, thank you I appreciate it, I'll keep my momentum. But three out of four times, they just ambivalently slow down with no clear indication that they're yielding and only make a gesture (if they make one at all) when I'm already geared down and braking or completely stopped, and it ends up with everyone losing time. By the time I've gotten back up to speed and crossed the intersection, we both could have crossed had they not yielded.
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