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Re: Bicycling rules

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Actually it was one of those electric rental scooters and it must of been doing at least 20 KMH. Luckily I could break in the beginning of my turn.
Wouldn't it be logical that bike lanes should also have their own traffic signals like the rest (cars, pedestrians, buses and trams)? If the light is green then the bike lane should have a red light like the crosswalk's. Or is that asking too much from the town?
If you are on a multilane street, it's your responsibility to check other lanes and yield to traffic on them before invading them.

Typically in this situation, the bike lane merges with the car lane before the light or roundabout, in which case with your preselection you physically block any overtaking from the right.

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Attachment 141736 for anyone who wants to be confused about cycling in Versoix.
I quizzed the Versoix authorities about the meaning and it's apparently all about the distinction between "piste cyclable" and "bande cyclable", and the end of one and the beginning of the other. I'm not going to try and translate and explain, because it's the sort of thing that can only make sense to a lawyer and is incomprehensible to a poor cyclist who got confronted with this nonsense.
In the bike lane, pedestrians are not allowed. Usually they have blue signs with both people and bike for mixed paths though.
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