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Re: holmes place - good or bad?

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Holmes Place is a terrible business, avoid at all costs! I won't comment on their facilities. However, the way in which they conduct business is atrocious, even for a gym. During Covid, despite being closed and unable to provide their contractually agreed service, they continue to try to charge fees - even in circumstances where members have medical certificates advising against gym use. This is an unethical, unpleasant, unresponsive company. Not to wish ill on people, but it would be a general public "good" if their business fails due to Covid....
I have been a member for over 9 years and have my fair share of complaints but the way you express this, is misleading. Members received a clear email that during the times the gym is forced to close, payment will continue, but once it opens again, you will not be charged for the whole duration it was closed as of the end of your contract period. (or you could substitute it for PT sessions, donate etc etc)

Considering everyone has joined gyms on different dates of the month, I can understand they have done it this way, unless you were trying to get out of your membership....then it is a pain.... Also, I have had a medical issue in the past where I got a doctor's note, was told by the manager to send it by email to keep a record, and they had put my membership on hold immediately. When I was well again, it resumed without any issue.

My biggest annoyance was how often the showers broke down but I imagine that was not purely Holmes Place's fault, but also the building structure. There was also a period when the manager kept changing and the whole management was incompetent but overall the staff and personal trainers are pleasant and polite.
I find there to be a LOT more arrogant, annoying members who left machines full of sweat or the sink / showers, locker room area dirty

I tried a few other gyms but considering no place is perfect, and that I have a good rate and the location is absolutely perfect and convenient for me, I have no plans of changing. Plus, I love being able to work out on their terrace, how the ceiling opens up, and that I can also go to Oberrieden gym in the summer.

PS. and to wish a business to close down due to covid... is tasteless imo. The management in such cases always suffer less then the receptionists, personal trainers etc, who are doing a good job. Recently had a chat with one of the PT whom I know from when I started. He shared how mentally hard it was not being able to work all these months. I really feel for ANYone who is/was in such position in ANY business during this pandemic. Seriously.
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