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Re: Rant: ZTL in Italy

Caught this post late. I'm looking for some feedback on how to handle an italian traffic fine being posted back to the USA which was my driver's license of record when i rented the car I supposedly got the ticket on.

Over a year ago, I rented a car in italy from autoeurope (which i think just parsed me off to europcar but at a better rate).

Having gotten a ticket a number of years ago in France on a long vacation, I try to be very cautious when I rent cars sometimes to the point where I feel like it pisses off the local/native drivers . But they're local and they know the rules and where speed traps are, so I also try to gauge how everybody around me is driving. If they have Italian plates and they're driving fast then I will drive either slower or to keep pace.

Anyway, I got a ticket a year ago in Bellagio. Autoeurope is a scam operation imho because they charge extremely high handling / service fees for routing the authorities to charge you the fine. It's like a double tax and autoeurope's fees are often as much if not higher than the actual fines for very little value add / work on their part.

Cut to the chase, I have someone periodically check my mail back home and by the time a ticket like this even finds me it's months after the initial deadline so you're already paying extra fees on top of the original fine and there is no way to contest them even if you wanted to.

Somehow or another the town of Bellagio has transferred my case to a personal lawyer in Firenze That may be legit BUT why would the town / authorities of Bellagio (in Lombardy) contract out this service to some guy in Firenze? He keeps sending threatening snail mails to a USA address with progressively dire consequences including the police, collectors, etc. In the meantime the fines and threats keep going up b/c by the time i get word of them we're months into the cycle.

My thought is Bellagio just sold the ticket (like a bad stock) to some collector and he's using every trick in the book to try and collect. why would "Italy" push so hard to get the money from this one ticket so much. It would seem like they have other more important things. Otoh, maybe I'm gonna wind up in jail?

Thoughts. Should I be concerned based on similar experiences others here have had and Italy in particular? As I said this thing is over a year old at this point.

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