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Re: installing an electric oven - help??

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I would really appreciate if someone could provide me some instruction on how to install an electric oven. I live in Geneva so I have what I assume is a standard wall outlet in my kitchen. I purchased an electric oven but there is no wires or plug with it. Do I have to purchase the plug at the local hardware store? I am really trying to avoid having to pay an electrician to come install it because I have spent so much money so far on furniture and appliances. Please let me know if this is a ''do it yourself'' project. Thanks so advance.
You will need to be a bit careful here. An oven does not normally use the same type of connection as an ordinary plug. Most likely it will be using 400V connections which has 5 wires to be connected to a special socket. This socket might be easily identified, it may be marked with 400V or noted "Starkstrom" = Heavy Current or you may simply find that you have a blank socket cover somewhere in the kitchen and you'll need to identify the correct one). You will need to have the correct cable which you can buy from a decent electrical dealer, someone such as Fust should be able to help you there. You may find that it's not allowed for an ordinary person to connect the oven, I don't know about the regualtions in Switzerland but it's illegal in Germany for a non-electrician to do this work. (Having said that, it's easy to do if you're not a complete muppet but do be careful, 400V can and will kill if you get it wrong, if you're not sure ask around here on EF if someone knows a local friendly electrician that would come and connect it for you)

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