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Re: How Safe is UBS

I see the discussion of my country has gotten it’s attention here as well…
I am from Iceland and have had very little sleep the last week, but this I want to tell you:

The government of Iceland has said from beginning of these crises that we would do our very best so that people of England, Holland and Norway how had their money in Icelandic banks would have their savings back. We have already made peaceful agreement to Norway and Holland about how the people WILL GET THEIR MONEY BACK and are still negotiate to the government of the UK

For some extraordinary reason, Gordon Brown misunderstood the Icelandic politics very extremely and mad statements in the press that we would not keep our honor to the people and were transferring Britain’s money to Iceland.
Due to our “dishonesty” he used the laws who were made after 9/11 against terrorist to freeze all the possessions of Kaupthing bank in the UK, leading to the fall of Iceland’s biggest firm and put Iceland on far worse level that it already was, causeing our last hope to save our self gone.

Terrorist!! Can you believe this??? I am not angry, I am FURIOUS!
I am no god damn terrorist and I cannot understand the justification on using terrorist law against this tiny country. In fact, I think Brown is doing more publicity style with this, he knows how week possession we have, we have no army, we cannot do much to defend our self (we thought it was not needed… who would want to attack Iceland, for God sake??).

So my country is burning, and the people are bleeding.
I think no one here can possible understand the situation at home. People are terrified. It is truly enough that many people have lost their lifesaving, their jobs and also AHV had spent billions in stocks in the banks witch is all gone now. It took decades to built the AHV up as it is today (sorry, as it was 2 weeks ago), and it is destroyed now and people are afraid of getting old.
Mental institutions are FULL, suicidal rate is going up, people are sad, seriously depressed and angry.

Prime minister and head of the Central bank needed to hire armed bodyguards for their protection, since the public is absolutely furious. Can you imagine the chaos? Normally, the police are not even allowed to carry firearm!!

Of course I am not taking the blame of the government or the controller of the Central bank – not at all! The head of the Central bank should be expelled NOW! At least the government is trying night and day to find a solution, but they have made very serious mistake that will not been forgotten…

But it is high discussion now, and I fully support it, that Kaupthing bank and the government of Iceland should sue the government of UK for using the terrorist law so freely, putting a whole country on its knees. Some layers in the UK already say we could get billions of pounds in benefit for the damage they caused us.

Regarding to the Russian loan, I am really not comfterable with it. Iceland is in NATO among USA, UK and Norway, and I am sure the Russians see political interest in this and I am not interested to get a Russian base to us… In fact, others are shaky about it, and Norway have discussion about that it would be in their interest to provide us loan so we wouldn’t be “owned” by the Russians. “International Currency-something” (sorry, the English word popped out of my head) has also offered its help and it is likely we will accept it.

So that’s enough for today from me…
But, I read an “article” from a 17-year old UKer on the web witch was full of racism toward us, with the headline “Give us the money back”.
Please understand the huge suffering of our people. It is not our attention to steal anything, and the public have never seen those billions that some very few bankers had between their hands and lost, and WE – the public have to pay for it, and our children and our grandchildren!!

To make it short... I will not be moving back home for the next ? years...
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