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Re: How Safe is UBS

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It looks like Gordon Brown went into war mode and battened down the hatches. He did a great job of demonstrating resolution and courageously taking action. But what exactly happened to Iceland? It appeared Iceland lost its fortitude and went limp. Did it really consider a russian base for russian money? Isn't this really a tit for tat for that failure?
No the Russian didn't ask for a base for the lown. But many fear that they want "nothing" for this loan... I quote one Norwegian from another forum...
We have had to send ****loads of money to Russia for a long time.The reason for this is that they claimed that they was too poor to clean up the mess they made at the Kola peninsula, toxic waste, pollution and all kind of **** that had to be removed, and Norway payed for it.
Now how come a country that is too poor to clean up their mess and needed financial aid from Norway in order to do it suddenly are rich enough to give huge loans to Iceland now ??

I would not trust the russians any more than i would trust a hungry tiger not to eat me.They have an agenda with this , be sure of that.
What happened was change reaction and the bad side of globalization...
-Banks growing to fast and not enough controlled by government
-Richer gets richer, public ... stay public...
-Bank crises, one of the 3 biggest banks in Iceland, Glitnir, got in trouble, government said they would buy 75% of the bank
-With these new, loners of Glitnir got afraid, stopped money flow to Glitnir -> Glitnir goes bankrupt
-Basicly everythings goes nuts... Landsbanki also gets bankrupt and Kaupthing is struggeling but get help from the government to survive
-Brown/Darling go crazy thowards Iceland and Icesave
-Kaupthing gets bankrupt
-Icelanders are broke...

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