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Re: Zbinden BMW Hagendorf - Poor Service

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Just a warning that if you're in the market for a Beemer then avoid this outfit in the Solothurn area, the customer service has a lot to be desired.

I will keep it brief and factual since the issue is still ongoing. However if its not adequately resolved soon I will be handing this over to my legal insurance to manage and writing a letter of complaint to BMW Schweiz.

I ordered a 1 series BMW late last year. Instead of the silver-chrome kidney grill I asked that they order and fit a black one instead since it could not be configured at the factory. The salesman was more than happy to oblige and said it would be swapped out by their mechanics as soon as the car was delivered.

The car arrived in Feb and the grill swap was duly done. Unfortunately unbeknownst to me and the garage, the grill they ordered is not compatible with my model since my model has an active grill (flaps that open and close depending on the ambient temp etc..).

The correct part for my car

The one I currently have fitted

I realised the error when I started to notice screeching noises from the grill when the flaps were opening and closing and fouling with the black plastic grill. I took the car to my local dealer (Binelli BMW in Zug) and they immediately diagnosed the wrong grill as having been fitted and told me to swap it out ASAP because it could lead to overheating.

So a fortnight ago I made the 200km round trip to Zbinden to inform them of 'their' error. The manager I spoke to there seemed completely unbothered and even asked me why I was coming to see them a couple of months after I got the car? He then told me that the salesman who sold me the car has since left the garage so he couldn't do anything until he speaks with him.

This all sounded odd and I wasn't expecting it, but I said fine please call me once you've done that. 2 weeks and nothing, so I pass by again today. The same manager looked annoyed and tells me that their ex-salesman is on holiday so they will see once he's back.

This is when I lose it. I explain that I bought the car from their garage, the contract is with 'Zbinden AG' not 'Salesman X'. Here is my order sheet with the part clearly labelled as having been ordered and fitted by you. The manager explains that if the mistake was made by the salesman he has to pay from his pocket. This sounds completely nuts, I ask whether the mechanic should also chip in since he should have known better before fitting it?

It all sounds very blame gamey and is completely unprofessional given that I am the customer. They should fix the damn issue and then sort out who's to blame amongst themselves later, if they are indeed that petty.

Anyway he sent me away again today promising to call me as soon as he hears back from the salesman. In terms of scope of work, the plastic grill only costs CHF 150 but its the labour (2-3 hours) which seems to be the issue since they need to remove the entire bumper to swap it out.

Anyway, I would avoid this garage since they seem to lack professionalism and any semblance of customer care. Perhaps its because I'm a lowly 1 series customer or a foreigner, I really don't know
I feel sorry for you and indeed it's not professional . However NICE ride !

I only wonder why did you make 100km one way to purchase in this particular outfit ?

and I do know the shop - got once one for spin - nothing special from garage side, regular blocks with pretty good score on google or other fk-portal

- have you written a letter with the problem description to them that be registered letter , with timeline of expected problem resolution and claim cost of demages should any arise of their fault ?
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