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Re: Washing machine installation

I've seen some youtubers showing their washing machine situation and it's utterly horrible IMO.

From 'one half day every two weeks', to 'whoever comes first' - but in all cases, there were only ONE machine.... that was the horrible part.

And also, some were pretty ordinary household machines of 8kg load (I've checked the specs).

I just can't wrap my head around the fact that for someone having half a day every two weeks would be enough in such situation (one machine).

I counted my loads (2 adults), and it's like 8-10 loads per week when nothing out of ordinary happens. In eco mode that's around 2-2.5h per load + same amount for drying.

To be able to do that in like one day, I'd expect having at least 4-5 machines + dryers available for just me.

Not to mention the part where you need to HAVE that day free for laundry, which might work for people who aren't working full time or work from home.

And if you have only one public machine and that one machine breaks, and you depend on the slow landlord to fix it, then what? Organise transport to some laundry place if there's any near you? And we've all seen that not all landlords solve issues swiftly. I can pick repairmen by who can come the fastest or I can just buy a new one.

In case of 'whoever comes first' approach, that's also bad, because what, you should check up and hunt the machine before someone else manages to do so? Or knock on the doors around to see other people's plans?

Why would someone want so much more mental load in their lives?

When it's in my flat - I put when I see the bag is full, when I see it's done I put into dryer and load another cycle if there's enough time before quiet times. So if I'm at home, without any extra organising skills I can do two loads in a day. Or for when I'm outside I can put a timer when it has to finish for when I come back so that laundry isn't too long sitting wet inside the machine.

Ideal number of each machines for me would be 3, so that I can paralelise the process and think even less about it. When I told the guy who was trying to sell us house (building from scratch) that I want space for that many, he thought I'm crazy. I guess he isn't the one doing the laundry.

So, I just cannot grasp why would someone, whole nation, see the exact opposite approach as - good?

Only thing I'd see as good version would be if there's really a bunch of machines available to one person at once, so you need to remember just a few time points - put things in, swap between machines, pick up. So, having a proper laundromat in the basement. One or two machines for 10+ flats isn't that.
But still, that's much more inconvenient as having it in own flat.

Our computers and phones have multiple cores and threads for like a decade now, and we will whine how we don't have enough free time and then we'll decide to waste it on mundane tasks and mental workload about scheduling?
I just don't get it
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