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Re: Washing machine installation

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Ah, now there are two differences immediately. Our shared washing machine
  • takes a much greater quantity of laundry in each load than a home machine does (= fewer loads), and
  • does a huge load in eco mode in a mere 26 minutes.
Yeah, it definitely can depend on the machine.
One I checked specs for was ordinary household machine.

Also, not every load is the same, eg temperature, washing detergent and so on. But I agree, if it's really big, like 2-3x bigger, and faster, then yes, that's huge difference between that and the ones I've seen, but you still have to babysit the process eg you have to remember to go there intentionally, won't happen when you go to the bathroom and see machine is finished

So would you mind sharing, how big load is it and how many machines you have at your disposal? And which schedule you have? Or in short - how your laundry process looks like

So far I've seen only those I've mentioned and no way that I'd consider that 'good deal' But it's entirely possible that people share frustrations only, or they didn't know something else is possible so they accepted this...

But if I find out about how else could it look like and what to check, who knows...