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Re: Washing machine installation

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So would you mind sharing, ... which schedule you have? Or in short - how your laundry process looks like
I don't know the kg load capacity offhand (and would have to go downstairs to have a look). But it is much larger than home machines. We have one washing machine and one tumble dryer.

We choose a day and time that suits our other commitments during the week and reserve a slot of about 2 or 3 or 4 hours in the time-table in the laundry. These slots have to go into our household calendar, too, so we don't forget to actually use the slots we've reserved. Most of the neighbours reserve like that, too, usually for about the next month. Some prefer to always wash on exactly the same weekday, others reserve an evening, or just one hour to do one load. Others, however, prefer to do just one load spontaneously if there's a gap, and there often is. The various planning styles all work, next to one another, because each household can choose what works for them. The machines can be used Monday to Saturday 7h to 22h; that's to keep the noise down for the flats nearby.

Before the time slot we chose, we sort the washing into piles. Then we zip down to the laundry, pop in a load. Back upstairs we put on the timer and get on with something else for the next 25 minutes (perhaps that's hanging up the clean clothes). At the beep, pop downstairs and swap loads. Depending on the textiles, we hang them up in the laundry or outside in the sun, small items in the flat, occasionally we tumble something. Repeat, going downstairs again when the timer goes.

After the last load, clean the machines, and clear out the hanging space (unless we've reserved extra time for that).

In one reserved slot we typically get 2, 3 or 4 large loads done, depending on our needs at the time, and how promptly we change the loads when the timer rings. Occasionally, instead, we just grab an open slot, for 1 load.
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