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Even in this thread, we have Blacky who does 10 loads, while others do just 2 or 3. Perhaps that is to do with the size of the machines. But perhaps having to plan one's laundry times actually does cause one to want to wash less... I don't know about the psychology of it.
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Even when I was single, I would run the washing machine most days, 10 loads a week as a couple or a family is nothing. I always thought Switzerland was one of the richest countries in the world, not a thirdworld backwater.
I recall an American colleague who would often use "Laundry day" as an excuse to not go out for beers after work, or indeed to take the afternoon off. Sure, it was only once every two weeks, but I never understood how he generated enough washing until I asked, and his daily routine included three sets of clothes every day, with an early morning set, then a shower before changing into work stuff (we were always business casual, so it's not like he was wearing a suit or anything) another shower and clean clothes after getting home. Sometimes another if he was going out of an evening.

Each set of part-worn clothes was put straight into the laundry hamper, no thought of re-using entered into the equation.

At the opposite end, I'll often wear an item two or three times if it's only for an hour or three - for example a shirt I put on fresh after an evening bath should be perfectly good for a second evening's wear, and clothes used for e.g. working on the house don't need to be clean every day, since they're going to get filthy immediately anyway. Obviously common sense applies.

I don't consider being economical with laundry to be a third-world type issue, rather I think that some folk are just plain wasteful, both of time and resources.
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