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Re: Washing machine installation

LOL I didn't expect being judged as wasteful because I dare to wash my things. What a crazy forum this really is.

So, hear the details.

No, I cannot reuse, consider yourself lucky if you can.
If you don't trust me about reuse, I can give you my once worn just for a few hours T shirt and under shirt and feel free to wear it. If you don't drown in sweat and smell, let me know.

Anti perspirants don't work on me, 48h deodorants lose their mojo in like 10 hours tops if I'm not sweating, which is usually only when I'm sitting still, movements cause sweating (that includes moving laundry from wascher to dryer on top of it in a few squats).
Since I was teen my sweat has 'man odour', and at some point if I'd sweat, my bladder/kidney/something would become painful (they never found a cause, but peeing with sensation of being cut by razors isn't fun, dozen of antibiotics didn't solve it either, and even today, if I get my feet cold a bit, I have that 'feeling in the back'), only way to not reach that is to change clothes whenever they got wet.

That included changing them in the mid of the Iron Maiden concert once. And carrying spare clothes with me whenever I'm outside, usually two sets. Fun thing when you want to start a job.

Few years ago they removed my thyroid b/c of cancer they found and told me that my chronic sweating will cease with that - now it's worse than ever before. I can stand, make a few steps, stop, and will just pour for several minutes. Yes, I'm in medicine induced hyperthyroidism in order to ensure cancer is gone.

In summer, I shower after bed, since I sweat while sleeping (like bedsheets wet - then those get washed much more frequently), and then when I come home, since sweat is usually literally pouring down my face.
I even wear sweat headbands and I guess I look like a complete mess, buy hey, I'm alive.

Also, I have to wear cotton and similar near my skin. Poly tends to cook me on touch (cotton is heavier and takes more space in the machine). Some activewear I can stand, but not in shade - cold sweat and my kidneys still don't like each other.

So what I wash...
2x loads of towels
4x loads for bed stuff
1x load of pet stuff/rags
2x kitchen towels
this is usually bi-weekly

3-5x clothes weekly if I'm not working/going out, more if I'm working, summer is the worst, I have to carry spare tops and towels, and change + refresh in the toilet if I want to try to resemble normal human being and not snowwoman in the sun.
Especially 'funny' when I attempted being employed two summers ago. I even bought a kid's backpack with wheels to carry my laptop in attempt to lower the amount of sweating and the time needed to reset.

For me, every day is the towel day. Yes, I do carry towel on me, started again a few weeks ago as temperatures went up (Berlin). So amount of towel laundry will go up.

And I'm lazy to do the laundry. I don't have big numbers because I don't have anything better to do with my time, but because it just can't go down, only goes up with time and medical history. Ideally, I'd put everything at once in 10 machines, pick up once and I'm done for the week or two.

So washing when there's a several loads ready. I definitely don't wash anything more than it's needed. I LOLed seeing that comment for me. Couldn't be further from the truth.

But when you get white stripes of salt from sweat after one day wear, I believe no one from you here would wear that the other day (especially in public) even if the smell wasn't there, no matter how 'water economical' or judgmental towards others you are.

@newtoswitz: I was referring to communal machine where you have a time slot and you have to time everything to do your loads in the slot given, that's babysitting for me.
With machine in my flat, I tend to it when I'm nearby, so it really isn't a hassle nor exercise in organisation. I don't have to coordinate with anyone. Nor putting alarms.

And I prefer my household appliances stupid aka no internet for them.

I could imagine being ok with 3-4-5 communal machines available at once, but so far I've only seen 'we have one', and that + any form of scheduling just won't work for me, I refuse to have the laundry day
But glad to hear more so that I know what I have to insist on, eg before signing flat contract get permission to install one or two
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