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Re: Got a Lotus Grill ?

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One of my friends have it and we used (seeing) it at the lake once. Its good for about 4 people max. The meat was cooked better than any traditional coal grill.

Easy to start and takes very little space.

Take the "smoke free" claim with a pinch of salt.

I will definitely buy one if I do frequent BBQ trips away from home, but the amount I do doesn't justify the purchase
Thanks for the info ..

One of my reasons is that we have an 'upside down house'. Kitchen and living area upstairs but the garden with BBQ is downstairs.. For a quick family BBQ dinner it's a pain in the ass to take everything down to the garden. Would be easy on the upstairs balcony.

Just a bit hesitant to take get one to replace the camping stove in case it's no use for boiling water, to cook or pasta etc..
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