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The US wants to destabilize Europe and have done so for many years.
Contrary to the mainstream message, the European Union is actually a formidable project to reach that goal: it ties all the European Countries to a monster which has the body of a gigantic Chambers of Commerce, the stomach made of Benelux and two heads with opposite (and therefore the same) interests. The day that such a monster will have a common army, it will be the day that NATO can be replaced by the US Army and the european Army will be the faithful ally, but when attacked by Russia (please remember they are evil, so they will surely do that) there will be no NATO obligation for the US to defend the stupidest continent of the world.

At least in Switzerland the only monster with two heads is Albania+Kosovo (sorry Serbian friends and not-friends, I know you are evil because of your cultural and religious ties with Russia, the cultural inserts of the Washington Post and of the New York Times told me so and once even that finest lady of american foreign policy, madame Albright, said in a quite and thinkful tone "disgusting Serbs", so it must be your fault ).
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