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One idea:
- Offer your current employer that they can save one month of your salary and in return you keep the shares (if that is possible);
- Ask your new employer to (i) pay out your holiday salary, or (ii) agree that in future you will have one more month of paid holiday.
Thanks! I think its a reasonable compromise between current and new employer.

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You won't lose any holidays - one month less at old place, one month more at new place. If you mean the garden leave then that's different.

If I was hiring you, the answer would be "nothing, and I'm a bit annoyed you want to start your employment on this basis".
The days from mid-July to Aug are the holidays with my current employer. I am not on garden leave at this time. I am not on-call nor will I need to go back. So if start 1-Aug, I lose these days unless compensated in some way.

If you read my first post, it is my new employer who wants me to start earlier. I am perfectly happy to start 1-Sep and enjoy my off. I am all for compromise and told them I'm willing to start 1-Aug but I don't want to be a pushover either and just lose the benefits that I've earned.

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Exactly, try to keep the shares, old employer still saves money. You cannot really ask for anything from the new company except for one month worth of salary.

If I were you, I would take time off, collect your shares, and start 1 Sept as per contract.
Exactly, I would gladly start 1-Sep and enjoy... 1-Sep is the contract I signed with the new employer. When I told them my last day with current employer, then they popped up the idea if I could start earlier. And here we are.

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Nonsense. Your current company is not looking out for your best interest.

Give notice to your company and let your shares vest.

Start with your new company during your vacation (and wait with updating linkedin until AFTER you have ended your employment with your current company).

That way you will get everything you have earned.

Keep in mind, companies also hire new people and then get rid of an incumbent by sending him/her on garden leave. Treat them the same way.
Of course, current company will look out for what is best for them and this means avoid paying me if they can. So any benefits I lose will need to be compensated by the new company. They are the one who want me earlier so it is only right that they pay up. Whatever new company come up with, I just want to make sure that it is legal as I don't want to end up a criminal.

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