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Obtaining a pet dog in Switzerland

My Labrador passed away last week after spending 13 happy years with me and my family.

Back in 2008 when we got him, he was a rescue at 9 months from a family that couldn't look after him. We found him on Ricardo of all places! I was looking for a Spaniel at the time and he was a happy, very lucky find.

In a couple of months, after we have had a chance to let his memory pass, we would like to start looking for another.

My dog was pure English Labrador (shorter and stickier than Canadian Labs, with longer, thicker fur) and he had the temperament of an angel, he was kind and patient, a bit stubborn, and would eat until he weighed 300kg if we let him (we kept him at a stable 35kg for most of his life) and we would love to find another dog of a similar personality.

I understand that breeding kennels have been closed in Switzerland? How can I start looking for other dogs? The local SPA only has two dogs, neither Labradors, and that can't share a house with other animals, so unfortunately they are not an option. Any other ideas of where to go?

If I'm wrong about the kennel closures in Switzerland, please can you help identify one that has the mother dog in the house as a pet, and gives mother dogs breaks between pregnancies.

I'm happy not to go for a pedigree, it's their personality that's important to us, it's going to become a friend, not a Guchy bracelet.

Thanks all.
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