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Re: Anybody got the second Moderna shot without sideeffecs?

I myself did not have almost anything after the first shot - a bit of numbness for half an hour, no sore arm.

But the second one was unexpectedly hard, especially given I have usually little to no reaction to vaccines and haven't had fever in 10+ years. I had around 38 fever for a day starting some 12 hours after the shot. It peaked at 38.5. Lots of fatigue, felt really powerless for most of the day. Couldn't peel a potato, that weak.... Nothing particular regarding the arm - it just hurt as much as other parts of my body

As someone mentioned Pfizer: my sister and father didn't have any symptoms with either shots and my mother had some fatigue with the second shot. Overall I hear much less symptoms with Pfizer but not sure how properly such data is collected as none of us reports any of these.

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2nd dose: Fever, sore arm, headache, tired and feeling generally miserable for exactly 36hrs, then everything stopped magically. For some reason I have more often allergic reactions to pollen since the vaccine, but not sure if there's a causal relationship.
I didn't connect it before but I also started having some pollen reaction since the first dose... not as bad as my husband's but did not have it before...
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