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Re: 20 Things I've Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The 'Pandemic'

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There is a broad scale. Holocaust deniers, Flat Earthers etc are obviously not the type he meant.
Basically every religion out there, why pick on baby Jesus only?

Yes, many people who criticize science in general are religious types, but the guy was not talking about REAL SCIENCE, I think he was talking about opinions disguised as real science. For example, the bat/pangolin hypothesis was paraded as FACT on MSM, there is zero evidence for it (as Marton would say)
I guess it's difficult to really understand what exactly he was referring to in regard to conspiracy theories since he didn't specify, which goes back to my original point about him being too generalizing. What conspiracy theories do you think he IS referring to?

I had specified Christianity rather than all religions because that is the dominant religion in the US and in the West and therefore the more relevant in that context.

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Pancake, haah) actually this makes me giggle a bit So can you imagine, those 8y of misery, podesta, bengazi, commet ping pong, huma abedin testimony, wars and all that (hilary clinton and her husband CV) what you are saying.. in spite of that, your friends and others would STILL vote HER , no matter what

So if we consider ouselves intelligent beings, responsible citizens, people who are informed and all that..I wonder , at what point is one person supposed to say "Enough" ??

Basically this just shows how people would vote even their own hangman just becaucse that's how they've been indoctrinated or at one point in life they chose "a side" and then, all sensors,logic are cut off you blindly follow the hangman no matter what.
I am barely able to understand much of what you've written here. Did you have too much coffee today? But regarding the last paragraph, isn't that what a lot of people did when they voted for Trump?