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Re: contractor on RAV, searching job in 80% workload, insurance limit,taking permie?

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I had previously relatively high salary (but average contracting) job: 157k gross for working in 90%. My contract was officially about 100% workload, but I was working only in 90% - the client was fine with that.

Question 1: When registering at RAV, they will ask in what workload% do I look for job. How ALK will calculate my salary if I honestly say what I wish: 80%?

A) ALK takes my current salary (157k) and limits at 148.2k. Because I search in 80%, they take 80% of that (and 70/80% of that will be payed out as monthly brutto...), ie. 94.8k

B) ALK will take what I previously had earned in 80% (this is 140k) and applies no limit, ie. 112k

The A) is 17.2k less than B) per year.

I am afraid of they will go for A), therefore I am hesitating to be honest with my 80% job search intention, especially because sooner or later I will end up in a 100% contract again (unless a dream permanent job, see below). The problem with that, if RAV forces me to take a lower paying permanent job in 100%, I would like to take it only in max 80% (or even lower) workload. But as I am officially searching in 100% I can't say during the interview that for low salary I would like to work only max 80% (or less). Of course I am hoping that a contract would pop up soon again and then I could leave the "forced" low paying permanent job immediately.

Question 2:
I would be really happy to give up contracting for a permanent position for 138k on 80% (or even less workload ie. 173k on 100%), but unfortunately that is not realistic or not easy. A ca. 130k in 100% ceiling was one of the reasons why I started contracting many years ago and that ceiling has not changed since then. With 20+ years more experience in the field I am looking for career advance and motivation and the best how the employer can express its appreciation is the money (sorry). However between projects I usually land at RAV and I would like avoid or shorten those times (or somehow take it more relaxed, without feeling guilty that I do not take any sort of "zumutbar" permanent job, independently of the offered salary).

When I am applying for permanent positions, am I allowed to say from RAV perspective that I would be happy to give up my 170-210k contracting story for a 170k permanent job (ie. 138k in 80%)? Or I am not allowed to say such because 170k is not "orts- und branchenüblicher" salary per RAV and I should be happy with the ceiling 130k? (But for an architect position I think it is possible).

Contractor fellows, what would you advise? What's your strategy to avoid being forced to take up low paying permanent jobs in 100% when you are on RAV, but being as much honest as much possible?
A is how it will be calculated.

You are required to take any work at the level of your insurance cover of 112k, the RAV's job is to reduce the insurance payout & nothing else. Be very careful what you tell the RAV.

Bear in mind your RAV advisor will be earning way was less than the no's you are talking about, so will not be very sympathetic to you insistence of such a high salary.
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