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Re: Who pays for a Schlichtungsverfahren

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Yes, of course. I gave that example to show how we each have our own personal cut-off point, of when we think the effort is worth it. While one person would think and feel that the time is well invested, to push through and assert his rights, even if it takes a while, someone else (in the example of the 70 Rappen yoghurt with a 50% sticker, that's me) would prefer to spend less time (which I find more precious) involved in the interaction, and would rather just concede so as to move on, sooner.

This principle applies to any kind of mediation or legal wrangling. Neither way of proceding is necessarily right or wrong, and of course it depends on the situation and potential outcome... and a lot on one's personal preferences and temperament.

Also energy and effort, conscious we have limited reserves of each of those, as well as time. It's impossible to fight everything, assuming the same person also wants to foster love and friendships, and pursue hobbies amd futher education, and be at peace sometimes, and so we must choose which hill we'd be willing to die on.

I've found the question "is it important to be right, or is it important to be happy?" often valuable to reflect on, when petty disputes inevitably arise.

A person can miss-out on a lot of life, by fixating on "winning", as it pertains to incidental bumps. The yoghurt situation can easily consume half an hour. It could result in ranting at loved ones and being short-tempered with them. It could make a person late for dinner, or leave them feeling devoid of the will to sit and watch the sun go down, because they are still feeling so fired-up about the injustice.
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