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Re: What's the point of having a beard??

Ah, funny. I grew my beard & moustache for Movember last year, and at the end of the month my wife said, "Keep on growing it until you don't have to wear a mask any more."
Eight months later ... and no end in sight. Trimmed the beard once (in January) but haven't cut the moustache at all since the first of Movember. Perhaps it will last the whole year, until the next one ...

Also, I don't often have trouble with my facial hair getting involved with my food or drinks - apart from beer with a thick head or ice cream in a cone. The ice cream cone is especially challenging - I have to use my tongue far more, and occasionally my teeth.

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No offence intended. I just don't like my men furry.
Lucky I'm not your man.

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Kittster , soooo spot on. That's the thing and I think we've debunked this theory, men got caught lying ) Like "well it's easier to take care of it" by growing it when in reality if you take care of it , it'll be just as annoying as regular shaving .

Now that we've heard testimonies of how the beard gets some sweat, humidity, food drops -who-knows-what-else, I seriously am curious to find out how do they clean the beard everyday? in the shower lathering vigorously ? hmm
Taking care of mine takes a lot less time than shaving.
While showering, after washing the hair on top of my head, I work a little hair conditioner into my beard. Just before finishing my shower, I rinse out the conditioner.
After roughly towel-drying, I comb the hair on my head and then use a little beard-comb to comb my facial hair.

I save about three minutes a day, on average, as the conditioning takes almost no time and the combing not very much.

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Chocolate sauce is temporary, glitter is eternal.
Glitter is evil.
As a teacher, I've worked in classes (as a casual/temp) where the main class teacher used glitter (one time two weeks before my visit, according to a student) and I still came out with glitter on various places on my clothing, body, and teaching kit.
There is a special place in hell reserved for those who use glitter in or near my classroom!