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Re: RAV acting strangely, legal resources?

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Because if the RAV will not pay, then the individual will have no income. The point is being missed.
I've read your post and I think I can see where you are coming from - even though I don't happen to agree with your views about the free translators.

There are rules, in Switzerland, about what one has to have fulfilled, to qualify for each separate kind of government-regulated insurance or support.

For example, to claim unemployment insurance benefits, one must have worked and contributed for at least 12 months in the past 24 (or something like that). That's one of the rules that gives rise to a reasonable assumption that one has been in Switzerland for long enough that one could have made a decent start at learning the local language - or at least long enough to have found out about individuals who or organisations which would help in situations when an interpreter (even an informal one) were needed.

In fact, no-one need starve for possibly messing up their RAV applications because they didn't understand the language. Such an applicant will arrive at the RAV and be told that they need to organise their own language helper, and is likely then to turn to someone within their own language group, to ask what to do. Englishforum does that for many, in English, and there are groups which share info in a lot of other languages.

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And from a societal perspective, if you are talking to someone who may be in desperate need of their compensation in french so they can feed their children and they don't understand so you simply refuse to pay them until they have learned the language, no matter how "correct" this is considered in Switzerland, its a sign of selfishness in society that is sad. I will happily know my taxes are helping people who cannot help themselves, be it through translation or other services.
Even in the worst case of having no friends, no relatives, of not knowing how to find anyone who speaks one's own language, be that online or in a corner store, of having no internet skills and being illiterate... even such a person, in Switzerland, is not left without income. They may be fully entitled to RAV benefits, but unable to claim them (for these reasons). But they can then, if they have no more money to support themselves, go to the Sozialamt (social services) which has a certain obligation - unlike the RAV - to figure out what the person's problems are, and where to start to untangle them. The Sozialamt can and does pay out money (or food vouchers) to people who have no clue how to find their way out of the difficulties in which they find themselves. Life is by no means easy, and can even be rather desperate, at that low level of income, but one need not starve.

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There was a council, back in the UK, a few years ago that required people who wanted some kind of housing benefit to register on a site to be put in the queue for it. The point they managed spectacularly to miss was that a whole load of people who needed to get a house or accommodation desperately, didn't have internet access they were often homeless people. So by assuming "well for gods sake, its the 21st century they can ask a friend to borrow their computer for a bit" they put some very poor people into an even more desperate hardship, instead of catering for everyone.
With this part of your ire, I agree completely. I knew someone who worked where such a system was being introduced. One had to submit everything online or, if one had no access to a computer, no problem, just come by, and the person at the counter will help you scan your whole stack of supporting documentation at.... 5 per page! That person told me that, sadly, it seemed not to be a "point spectacularly missed", but rather a deliberately wicked strategy. By making the mere application impossible for the most desperate to make, at all, those poor people fell out of the system altogether. And, rather cynically, at the next review after implementing this system, that department was praised for having achieved a good step towards its goal of a healthier financial balance.

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