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Re: Sky - Pairing a new box with an existing viewing card

When I get a new Sky+ box, how do I go about pairing my new box with my existing viewing card? Has anyone else had this issue before and/or do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?
We had the same issue. Or rather we only bought a Sky box when we moved over here and then that one died and we had to pair the card witht he new Sky box.

On the Sky website it only states that one must contact sky customer service (see also <>)

Sky Customer Service details are here:

When we did it, we called from a mobile and did hide the number we were calling from, as my husband read on the internet, that otherwise when they see that one is calling from abroad, that they might cancel your subscription. Thus we always called from a mobile, did hide the number and then basically just told them that we need a Sky card paired up with a new Sky box.
During the phone call, you will need to give them your Sky card number and Sky box S/N. I cannot remember off the top of my head, how to get the Sky box S/N, but I am sure that customer service can help you with that.

The only problem for us usually was, that it did cost us a fortune to call Sky customer service in the UK from a Swiss mobile. But maybe someone knows of a better way?
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