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Re: Open University Psychology


It worked out in the end but it almost didnt. What i did at OU was an open degree, half credits in psy and the rest i transfered my engineering credits from romania.
All uni in switzerland equivalated the same, as missing 76 credits. Only Basel uni allowed me to make up the missing credits.the rest said i need to redo the whole degree. Once i did the missing credits, i equivalated again credits from romania in engineering.

Someone that did the full Ou degree got also rejected from masters at zurich uni. She did get accepted at ZHAw.

If i were you, i would definetly do it in switzerland.anyway with your economics you can equivalate i think 20 credits.20 in bachelor and 20 in masters. The problem with uk is that the credits dont match 1-1. If i wouldve done it in Romania, it wouldve not been a problem

You can do for example Fernuni which is long distance in seitzerkand and that is recognised but with corona they are all long distance
2. Zurich uni is not that nice...
3. Uni basel is the nicest uni in switzerland: nice professors, nice dekanat. But!!! Swiss unis have autonomy are different from each other. Not sure if zurich uni has it. Basel uni has 6 exams called Klausuren. You have to pass them all, you only have to tries and if you fail you cant study there anymore.i had to do 2 of them. My first one was neuroscience, 400 pages in german . I had no idea. I was lucky as we went in quarantine and we took it can ask other unis if they have that it at other unies

Ive been doing this since 1 year i think while working full has been an amaizing expirience.ive met some great colleagues, lots of support from students and dekanat. I can do any job interview in german now.

I managed this partially by luck. So dont know what do advice.but definetly dont be afraid of german or working in the same time.

If i were you, i would try to get in this summer and take advantage of online exams.seminars are very easy. In basel uni you can sign up for as many exams and failing has no consequence. Except for the klausuren...
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