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Taxation in shared custody - Canton VAUD


Doing my first tax return as separated with shared custody (50% of time for 2 kids), i encountered something which i think rather odd.

I currently pay alimony to my wife and also money for the kids (who stay half time with me and half time with her). Fine so far.

Problem is that, in canton Vaud, there is a law that says that if you pay alimony to your ex-wife, you cannot deduct anything for the costs of kids while they stay at my place and - even worse - the family coefficient (quotient familiale) is 1 (and not 1.5 like it should be with 2 kids): basically they consider me as single and they tax me as single, even if i have kids for 50% of time!!!

I was thinking to do some simulation with VaudTax to check if it is more convenient to declare any alimony to my wife or not. By being considered with coefficient 1.5, things should change quite a bit.

We haven't done yet the convention with the judge, so in theory we could find the most efficient tax situation for both.

Any ideas on this or who could help me assess the situation?

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