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Pillas: Employed vs Independent vs Both


I am currently an independent (in Vaud) and I managed to finally somewhat understand the tax part of it.
Recently, I have been proposed to join a company on a payroll and things are becoming messy again:

I know that the main difference between employed and independent is that employed can contribute into their 2nd pillar through the employer (dunno the percentage and possibly without any cap) and only put up to ~7K/year into their 3rd pillar. While an independent can only put into their 3rd but with a higher cap (~34K/year).

Now, my questions:

1. If one could choose to either get X,XX CHF as an employed worker or getting X,XX CHF+Benefits in Cash (i.e. higher pay), which one would be the most convenient overall?

2. If I were to take that salaried job, how would it work with my taxes? Do I get to put into the 2nd pillar AND have a higher cap on the 3rd pillar, or do I lose the benefits that I used to get from being an independent?

3. Do I "simply" fill in the tax declaration for both salaried and independent as if they were 2 distinct things? Or are there other considerations?

Basically I'd like to get my head around on which type of employment is better (salaried vs independent) and how it works if one has both a salaried gig AND work as an independent.
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