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Re: Taxation in shared custody - Canton VAUD

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I'm not sure if this helps but two separated people being taxed at 1: each will make the income lower - you typically would pay less tax than if you were married... because the tax system is 'tiered' - when not paying 'household' tax you both get taxed at a lower rate.
They told me that once kids are 18 y. old, I can claim 1.25 as tax coefficient. Why shouldn't I be able to claim that also now, view and considered I have them 50% of time?

Changing this coefficient, changes a lot!

I still think there is a mistake of not being possible to claim a tax coefficient of 1.something, where this "something" should be shared with my ex, as we maintain the 50% custody of the kids.

By the fact I pay her alimony (as I earn more), than I am penalized like she would take care of the kids at 100%, and my coefficient is just 1.

I guess this approach is another flavour of bad heritage of the inequality of women VS men that still exists in Switzerland where women are considered the default parent that manages households.

I would be curious to go to the tax office and ask which law do they use to define this calculation.

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