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Re: schimmel [mould] problem with landlord

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they've not mentioned my little chemical burn on the floor, which I'd 'explained' in the notes
If I were you, I wouldn't mention this again

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the green fuzzy stuff isn't mould. It's (this is good - wait for it) a glue used in the 1960s that is pushing up through the floor because it was put in new in August for my moving in. This glue is common and has been extensively tested; it can not cause an allergic reaction. Is it just me, or does this sound a tad far-fetched. Surely anything & everything can cause an allergic reaction in someone who's sensitive to it?
If the marks are caused by glue, this would imply that sections of the floor have been lifted and relaid. If this is the case, it should be evident on close inspection (I guess that you are used to this bit by now). Does the floor look even around these areas? e.g. Are there any minor scratches or marks etc. that stop abruptly at the edge of a block? Is there a minute step between these areas and the 'good' floor?

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The agency will talk to the owner about putting in a new floor for poor li'l old me - the moany Brit
This implies that they are taking the matter seriously and that you have a justified complaint. If not, they may have dismissed your complaint. Good news for you. They certainly wouldn't even consider a new floor unless there was an obvious problem that they didn't think could be cured.

My guess (just a theory) is that there was damp as I originally suggested and sections of the floor may have lifted and been relaid due to this. This would explain mould and glue.

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Back to square one for me - I'm certainly experiencing an allergic reaction to something and the doctor agreed my symptoms were allergy related. Am so glad I joined the Mieterverband, I think this is going to get messy.
There could be other causes of the allergy, but it does sound to be a strange coincidence. Perhaps your doctor may be able to advise further.

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On the bright side, all my electricity is working again and I might get a new floor.
You were right to complain and it sounds positive to me. Hope they get back to you soon.