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Re: Abused for wearing mask on Bus!

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You seem intent on being outraged, and increasingly so the more people tell you this is just the occasional, very normal experience that can happen in a public setting, which is a sign of poor health.

The face of the needy is rarely smiley, welcoming and all jolly hockeysticks. Support systems are either absent or inadequate. We have many, many citizens in dire need of better care in their communities.

Get involved with the voluntary sector, as it'll teach you to look at situations like this in a more realistic fashion, and you're presumably living a charmed life, if this is the first time you're seeing someone unwell ranting in public.
Yes let’s normalize aggression and let’s make society even more passive than it already is. And yes I am outraged but more so as some of the responses indicate, there’s more empathy for the “potentially” crazy dude who could cause harm than a regular commuter going about their business.
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