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Re: remarks on sex-related matters at school

Email would be a disaster as a first step, beyond being used for setting up a time to chat. These are (little) human problems requiring human solutions.

By all means, if it's your only option as a first step, drop an email, but don't get tangled up in what it's about, and endless retyping and filtering info. Ask if someone could call you, if it'd be possible to speak with a teacher, as you'd love their guidance on something going on between the kids which you've been talking with your kid about.

Then within the phonecall, you can ask if it's possible to talk in-person and explain a little bit more about what's going on, but still don't get too tangled up in the details, and convey you'd like their advice and wisdom, and how much nicer it is to talk through things face-to-face.

Then do a bit of prep for the meeting in-person. Ask yourself what your intentions are, considering the wellbeing of all kids involved, and showing a decent amount of compassion to all kids growing and learning to be better.

At that stage, you have every reason to be hopeful that a decent amount of teamwork from the adults can help the kids to both bring a stop to this, but also to move on from it peacefully.

Avoid business buzzwords as best you can.

I overheard a conversation between some young boys earlier, and it was cringeworthy, hearing them repeat phrases and mirror behaviours they've obviously observed adult men saying and doing.
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