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Re: Open University Psychology

Happy to help. I have been working full time and thats been the nice surprise because before everyone told me, the maximum i can work is 20%. Im switching to 80% next year.

I had no technical issues.i had one time the problem i closed the exam window and they failed me . I complained and they said these are the rules. Then i said:"at least implement a pop up that says "are you sure you want to close this window?". There is a standard for online studies like you should continue where you left off but they didnt bother implementing this😂.

Like i said, right now you can only go to classes in person if you have a certificate .the rectorat position was "we only have obligation towards vaccinated students". Students raised 12 000 signatures and sent open letter to government because they will niot be able to pay for rapid tests and that the principle of "education without barriers" is violated. Some professors only wabt to teach to vaccinated there are complaints both sides

Anyway lots of seminars were online anyway and they upload the recorded lectures more and more. Now even the in person seminars are moving online.they were never in person but the professors changes from week to week. Mine are all online-i chose them that way.
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I think both posts are really
great. Itsjess' is a lovely surprise. Hope you'll keep posting, when you can, itsjess, so we can follow your adventure, too. Are you working alongside any studies you undertake?

c_ralu you did. Everyone's vantage point will differ, so hearing about your perspective is interesting, and it seems you've adapted really well. Are you still working alongside your course? How often have technical bumps arisen with your virtual classes? Can you go to the classroom, should you wish? Are they offering both virtual and being in the classroom?
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