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Extending Salt contract with a discount


My wife got a Salt contract for a mobile phone that runs out in December The business model of Salt and many other telecoms is clear: they offer their abos for an outrageous price but they sell the plans with 50-60% discount for 90% of the the time.

Wife's contract runs out in three months, and Salt started offering extensions for another two years. Unfortunately, while the plan's price on their website is around 30 CHF with the current discount, the only comparable offer that is available to her costs twice that much.

(1) Did anyone have a luck with calling Salt to get the discount? It worked for me in UPC - I wasn't happy with the offer, I asked about cancellation conditions, they asked why I'm leaving and immediately offered price match with their competition and the current discounts for new customers.

(2) If this doesn't work, then we'll have to switch to a different provider but it's not clear to me how does it work in Switzerland. Is my understanding correct, that after the contract expiration we have 30 days to transfer the phone number and activate it again in a different network? Can Salt request money for releasing the phone number to a different provider? Unfortunately, it would be too much trouble to start with a new number.
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