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Re: business contracts

What does the contract cover ? If the Maitre-D asked if you wanted any more champagne and you said : "yeah get another couple of cases in for my esteemed guests (except for him over there that got me an inflatable sheep on my stag-night)" then its pretty clear that you are not working within the confines of the contract. In fact its pretty likely that there is a clause covering such "on the day" ordering. If its something that was pretty clearly defined such as 67 three-course meals, and they are charging for 78, even though you only had 65, then you have a dispute.

What are the added items that you view as "unfair" ? Your use of the word "unfair" makes we think that perhaps you received and consumed the item or service and were somewhat surprised to be charged for it ?


I have a question that hopefully someone can help me out with. I had my wedding a few months back and held the reception at a hotel here. A representative from the hotel had written up a contract for us in the beginning, to which I agreed. Now, after we have recieved the bill, we find that the bill is for quite a bit more than the original contract. Certain items were added that were not discussed, and other seemingly unfair charges accrued. In my frustration, I spoke with a friend who told me that, in Switzerland, once you have a contract, the business's final bill can not be more than 10% of the original contract. Is this true? I need advice on how to proceed. Help greatly appreciated.
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