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Re: Underfloor heating - strange problem

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Just a note: A guaranteed room temperature by builders in a newbuild in Switzerland is typically only around 20 degC.

Heat added to the flat is not depending only on flow, but also on the temperature of the water in the system. Normally this is set by the central heating (gas heater, heatpump...) depending on an outside temperature, accoprding to the curve and perhaps a bit (=not much) of intelligence. 20 degrees water in pipes is not going to raise the temperature of the flat above 20 degrees, regardless of the flow.

How large is the apartment block (how many flats)? I can imagine in small ones with 2-3 flats the regulation of the heating may be a challenge, because cirquits for different flats are affecting each other more significantly, i.e. there may easily be a "short cirquit" through one of the flats (with the least resistance, shortest pipes) and you will not achieve adequate flow in other flats no matter what. But it is a task for heating technician (who has more controls available) to solve, not for the user.
It's a building of 8 apartments, but according to our neighbours they all seem to be too cold.

It was all fine in 2019 before the downstairs heating system was replaced. Our apartment would be 23-24, with valves on very low.
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