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Train ticket "benefits"

I have some train ticket questions

Location: Zurich

I took the train from my home (in Zurich) to the Airport- total time to get there was 20ish minutes.

1) As soon as I arrived, I realized I was there a day early.
Can I get back on the train and go back home with the same ticket
My assumption is that the ticket is 1way and I would need to purchase a 2nd ticket. remember it's only a 20min ride, so is the ticket useable for a duration of time, or just a point to point ride.

Different scenario - similar locations
2) If I buy a ticket at the airport station to return home (zurich 20min ride) can I use that ticket for local travel after returning home? for how long. For example, I buy the ticket from the airport station to HB. But I get off at an earlier stop to go shopping. Can I get back on public transportation to continue my journey home. I thought I read somewhere that I can use the train ticket on public transportation for up to 1hr after the designated journey of the ticket. I've been doing this for some time now and thought maybe I should check and see if I'm doing this legally. Possibly a different way of asking. I buy a ticket to journey from HB to the airport, but I live 10 stops away on the tram line X. does my ticket to the airport cover my tram ride to the HB - and if YES then how long do I get to use this ticket before the actual train journey.
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