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Re: Train ticket "benefits"

When talking about "train tickets" you need to distinguish between:
- SBB tickets, these are sold directly by the train company and give you the right to only travel on trains
- ZVV ticket, these are Zurich-area transportation tickets, and they include any mode of transport (including SBB trains).

ZVV tickets are defined by two things: the area in which the ticket is working (google "ZVV zone map") and the time frame in which you are allowed to be travelling there. It does not matter how much, with which transport or in which direction you are traveling. Times are usually 1h or 24h, but can be others.

So if you have a truly SBB ticket (e.g. when you buy it in SBB app to travel from Bern to Zurich HB) - you can't use local transport in Zurich (unless you paid an extra for local ticket).

However, SBB app actually sells you ZVV tickets when it makes sense. And this is very likely what happens when you go from Zurich HB to Zurich Airport, because they are very close. You should double check, but what SBB app will sell you, will likely be: "1 hour ZVV ticket for zones 110 and 121" - and that what it is, you can move for 1 hour with any transport mode within zones 110 and 121, so in this case to answer your questions:
- yes you can quickly go back from the airport with the same ticket
- yes you can use trams in Zurich after coming from the airport
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