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Re: 30kph in towns/cities survey

People that commute via car in Switzerland, really do it because they don't really have a choice. They (we) pay dearly on all fronts, including time spent sitting on lights designed to discourage the behaviour. Well guess what, the discouragement is towards a practically "only choice".

If public transport has a personal cost X (monetary, time, convenience) and car has a personal cost Y, people are using cars as long as Y is lower than X.

If public transport does not become a lot more convenient, we're just increasing Y and are making motorists' lives worse until we get them so bad it makes no difference to them to take the damn train.

My wife does not commute to downtown Zurich by car because she enjoys it. She does it because public transport will take twice as much as a normal trip would and approximately the same with the worst traffic. And that's without taking into consideration that if she misses a train, there's another 20-30 min depending on time of day. If I commute via public transport my commutes becomes from 40 min total daily, to cool round 2 hours. I freaking love my cars, but even I would commute by public transport if I had a choice. I did for a long time when I was lucky enough to live in Oerlikon and work downtown Zurich. I'd rather spend the money and the kilometers on fun drives - trust me those Km are freaking expensive and they add the f_ up.

But if I commute by car, I get to spend more time with my family and I can stop at the supermarket on my way home, and not clog it on a dreaded Saturday. So I do that.

If I'm discouraged to cross Zurich (as an example) and use the highway, I'd do that, but the problem is that most highways are at absolute capacity at rush hours. Have a look at Nordring/Westring of ZH the fun times when people go to work and get back from it. You think you need more cars there? Good luck with that brilliant idea.

And in the end, you're sending them on a ring road, only to dump them in a traffic light that punishes entry to the city. Well Mr Urban Planner, guess what - I NEED TO GO TO THE CITY BECAUSE I LIVE THERE.

So, summarising nobody commutes for fun. Nobody gets in the car for the f* of it. It's excruciatingly expensive relative to public transport and you get the privilege of the snarky looks of people that can just commute Hongg to Paradeplatz with one tram connection and can't believe why you would chose to destroy the environment like that.

But by all means, let's try to get cars slower and try to get them out of our back yards.
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