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Re: 30kph in towns/cities survey

I'm torn.

If noise is the issue, then they should really look into what is causing the noise. It's not Hans-Peter in his Tesla, is it? More like Justin-Blerim in his souped up Bavarian fartmobile and they can be just as noisy at lower speeds, if anything, they tend to rev even more out of sheer spite. Make it illegal (as in, lose your licence for a month illegal) to have the flap exhaust set to open after 9 pm and before 7 am, problem partially sorted. I'm sure the more car savvy are about to explain to me that this is not feasible, yadda yadda, but honestly, if I am not allowed to randomly let off fireworks in the middle of the street at night, I don't see why cars should be allowed to make so much noise.

The safety part makes sense, most people survive being hit at 30 km/h, whereas very few survive a 50 km/h impact. However - if you are running into the road in such a way that a car can hit you at full speed, it's a bit of a Darwin moment, even if you are a kid. So I'm ok with having side streets set to 30 km/h but there is absolutely no reason for main streets to be slowed down. And maybe stop this nonsense of pedestrians just walking out on to zebra crossings at the last minute with their eyes only briefly glancing up from their phones? We have so few unavoidable accidents caused by speed in urban areas, but plenty of avoidable ones caused by lack of attention and driving competence. Maybe address those issues first?

By the way: I'm allowed to drive the smaller fire brigade vehicles with the blue lights and siren going and what many people don't realise is that I am not actually allowed to go faster than the speed limit. I will obviously not go slower, if you get my meaning, but we can't just gun down the road as quick as we like, even if there is an exceptionally cute kitten waiting to be rescued.

So if the speed limit is set to 30 km/h everywhere in town, we will take 40% more time to arrive at your emergency. I don't know about you but I would rather not wait an extra 4 minutes (the rule is that the first crews should arrive within 10 to 15 minutes of you making the call, depending on where you live) to come and rescue me from a burning building just so we don't have to address the real problems that have spawned this daft "solution".
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