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Re: How does the title of a thread affect the tone of your reply to a thread?

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life is difficult when you felt you are being treated differently than others.
We all know that feeling - most of us are foreigners, too, and have experienced what we perceive to be xenophobic behaviour at some time or other. And, indeed, it may have been.

Or, on the other hand, maybe the driver knew the other woman already. Maybe she was a friend of his. Maybe he didn't see her. Maybe he realised too late that the door should be shut.

There are all kinds of reasons why people do things, and just because we perceive their actions one way, doesn't mean that's what is actually happening.

Anyway, what has this to do with the driver to whom you refer in your original thread as 'dumb', who was simply doing his job?

You are entitled to rant - in fact, I love reading a good rant on here - so there is no need to apologise. But getting all sniffy because people respond to your rant is a little over-sensitive, don't you think? If you want to rant without comeback, paste it on the bus-shelter wall. If you want to stimulate an interesting discussion about whether a bus driver should break the rules because you are late for a meeting, then please feel free to post on here.

Just don't be surprised when people don't agree with you.
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