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Re: World War 3 or just a local spat in Ukraine?

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Here is a list of states where the Russian interests were addressed: Belarus, Kazakhstan and its neighbouring -stans, Chechnya, Armenia.
There is a certain unifying trait common to all these countries and it is easy to spot.
What makes one believe that if the now NATO-member countries were still in the "Russian sphere of influence", that they wouldn't be a Russian-aligned autocracies with impoverished populations, desolate kleptocratic economies and brutal security services assuring their subjection?

Thank you for stating the cynical truth - lets Russia subdue its own people and the other people we don't care about, but let's keep peace at home and
the economy running.

If the West Europe politicians walked anywhere close to do what they preach, massive war-like sanctions would have been already enacted weeks ago when it became clear Russia is preparing a full scale invasion. And not just sanctions on Russia, but on China as well, because Russia would never dare empty out its Far East garrisons from soldiers and equipment if not reassured by China. But that would mean a new cold war.

I think for Ukrainians only a quick surrender computes for obvious reasons - they do not face a genocide (except for the political activists) and they have no chances.

The West has lost its only opportunity to either deter or bleed out Russia by supplying arms to Ukraine, because Russia wants the Ukraine whole, people and land, and they would not use their tactical nukes there - either invasion or annihilation. But now imagine a neighbouring state sends troops and equipment - what do you think could happen?
a lot of shit float up these days with a few posts, suggesting what to do for ukrainians
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