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Re: Sunrise - a big scam company

Seriously, I do not know why you people are so toxic towards this guy?
If you get a contract via telephone, you do not sign anything. You just get an order confirmation. And if the seller tells you that the price you will see in the order confirmation email is not the final, but the normal price without the discounts applied, this is clearly a SCAM.

So this guy got scammed into paying 2 years of overpriced services. He wrote to the forum seeking for help and possibly to warn other people, and you are practically calling him stupid and laughing in his face. WTF is wrong with you?

If you cannot help, why even bother replying?

I know that sunrise, as some other people said before, record calls and keep the record, for future issues. Ask them to listen to the call, they must have kept it, since this is your vocal agreement to the contract.

If this is the case, and the seller promised you something different, they have to break the contract if you wish, or change the price to the one they promised on your phone call.
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