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Re: Top Tips #1: Railway Station Escalators

Top Tip #2: Arrive early to your rush hour train, which is always full and is standing room only. Take off your shoes and place your feet across the seat next to you. Next, take out a book and ensure that you appear enthralled by its contents. No one will be brave enough to ask if the seat next to you is free.
Don't forget to sit in the isle seat, place your bag at the window seat next to you and pretend like you bought a ticket for the bag too!
My other half loves these people and he seems to be a lot more bold than I am. Because when he sees one of them, he will walk up and loudly ask whether he can sit down, if he is being ignored after asking politely a second time, he will then just sit down (whether it is on their feet or on the bag), they quickly will move their stuff!!! Seems to have worked for him everytime.
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